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Medical Supply Distribution is a fascinating and exciting business. For thirty three years we have aided over 170 independent distributors by helping them to generate excitement, seize new opportunities and develop new and innovative adjustments to their current business plans. 

We would like to help you as well.  If... 

  • Your revenues are flat or declining
  • Your sales force is complacent
  • Your profits are unsatisfactory
  • You want to improve your company’s overall performance
Then we can help. 

We review various areas with you to see how we can streamline your business to succeed. 
This process would include an analysis of...
  • The Competition – Your competitors or YOU
  • Your market
  • Your Sales Team
  • Products, Pricing, and Promotions
  • Communications – internal and external – customer and manufacturer
We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your company’s growth opportunities. If you would like to contact Ron Fleitz, please email him at RFleitz@FMAinc.net.

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Utilizing and Succeeding with Manufacturers
Sales Team Management
Currently several projects are in the developmental stages for Sales Education. National Sales Representation
Customized Sales and Marketing Programs

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Repertoire's Dail-E News (7-11-06)
Ron Fleitz announces the opening of Fleitz Marketing Associates


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