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Ron Fleitz started his career in the medical supply industry while working in the stockroom of the Max Wocher & Son Co. in his hometown of Dayton, OH . Starting in 1969 at Kent State University, majoring in telecommunications, his free time was spent working at local radio stations. Summers brought more medical knowledge in shipping, receiving, delivery, and warehouse work at The Max Wocher & Son Co. Gradually, his interest in sales and marketing won out.

In 1973, Ron took his first sales position with Dictaphone Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio . In his third month, he led all sales of the division. This continued for the next three months when his love for sales, marketing and relationship selling took him back to the healthcare industry. Ron accepted a sales position with The Max Wocher & Son Company out of their Cincinnati, Ohio office. Receiving a territory that wrote about one thousand dollars per month, he quickly took the territory to well over a million dollars annually. He worked for Max Wocher in virtually every facet of the medical supply distribution business including Vice President of Sales and Marketing. During his career, he set up over 150 new physician office practices.

His company was a member of the Central Independent Dealers Association (CIDA), a medical buying group. Ron saw the need for independent member companies to grow stronger in a unified marketing facet. He departed Cincinnati and became the national sales manager for Kansas City based CIDA in 1986. In 1988, he accepted the same position with The StarLine Dealers Association in Richmond, VA. After the acquisition of StarLine by National Distribution and Contracting, Inc. Ron relocated to Nashville as StarLine’s Managing Director. In 1999, he developed the NDC University program that trains sales representatives, sales management, customer service, purchasing and operations personnel with several annual training programs. As of 2006, NDC University has graduated over 800 students with continuing education in the healthcare distribution industry.

Over the years, Ron developed many unique communication, educational and marketing tools for distribution and manufacturing. He also presented many motivational presentations and sales meetings in all areas of healthcare manufacturing, distribution and patient care. Ron has hosted radio talk shows and been the voice of radio and television commercials over the years. He now offers his thirty-three years of expertise to the industry as “Your Distribution Solution” and looks forward to your inquiry.


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